Emma Watson Style

Emma watson style

It’s no news that this Harry Potter star has grown up and transformed herself into a fashion darling. This teenage fashion icon Emma Watson wears fashion as if she was born for it. Be it jumpsuits, powersuits or denim cut offs, her clothes look straight off a runway and she wears them with complete sophistication. Since she played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, she has earned herself the status of the mega-star. And she has already became the fashion and beauty muse. This overachieving British actress, model and ELLE Style Icon is admired as much for her take on preppy off-duty style and ever-changing hair as much as she is for her faultless red carpet appearances – where polished, stand-out dresses from the world’s most fashion forward designers have become her signature look.


Emma is a young lady, with many accomplishments. She’s been recently cast as a Disney princess in Beauty and the Beast, naturally because of her flawless beauty. She graduated from an Ivy League School, and has launched a global gender equality movement for the United Nations with HeforShe.

Even with all this busy schedule, Emma always manages to get killer looks in every kind of event. She has a great influence on the fashion now, as she is young and beautiful, and no matter what she wears, it always suits her.


Emma has proved many times that she is a style icon. Once, when she wore a blazer with a white dress, it was a good way to grab a quick attention from everyone. Once, she paired a simple jeans with a side sash, she still looked somehow flawless. She grabbed the attention of many when she rocked a metallic waist belt. These are her looks in just a few of the many occasions where she looked stunning.

Emma is a celebrity who wears a simple and decent makeup. Maybe because she is already such a beauty queen that she does not need to add further more to it. And mostly she wears a red, maroon type of lipstick, which is both, classy and elegant looking.

And don’t even get us started on her ever-changing trendy hairstyles. So if you are looking forward to follow some top notch female fashion, Emma Watson is a good way to start with. More power to you girl, may you rock the Hollywood fashion scene for years and years.


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