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David Beckham style

Allseasonmall-davidbeckhamTalking about fashion, who would have thought that the sportsmen now a days would become so much fashionable that they will start to influence the fashion industry. Yes this time we are talking about a sportsman, a fashion icon, the one and only David Beckham. Maybe its his charming personality or is it because of his wife, Victoria Beckham, who is also a fashion icon, but he wears fashion like he owns it, like a Boss.

Despite his retirement from football, Beckham still remains a top scorer when it comes to scoring in personal styles. Maybe its because of his personality and God-given grin that he has managed to come across the covers of big name magazines and because of it, he has became one of the most recognized faces in the business.


In order to understand his fashion, we might want to go through some of his key looks. One of them is the sophisticated moto café racer, by wearing the black leather biker jacket with plain white or grey tee, bottomed out with slim fit black wash jeans and a leather Chelsea boot. Another one of his key look is the sartorial hipster, in which he comes out with a casual look. To gain this look, you might want to buy some accessories like a slouch beanie and beaded bracelets, red plaid shirt wide open and vintage leather carryall.


One of his most classy key look is the Casino Royale high roller look, in which he channels the 007-class in a sapphire blue suit with contrast black lapel. The tuxedo is the go-to suit for Beckham for red carpets. And similarly to this, there is the Seal the Deal Business hotshot look in which it seems like he is some kind of business tycoon.


Some of the essential Beckham fashion items might come in handy if you are going to follow him. You might want to get shirts from Louis Vuitton or Levi’s vintage wash denim shirt. Get tees from his self designed H&M range. For jackets, go for Hugo Boss Orange Joser and Acne’s Jam Shearling Collar raw denim Jacket with wool collar. Suits selection should be Dior Homme’s sapphire blue or black, and from Ralph Lauren. When it comes to jeans, Denim is the second skin for Beckham. He prefers Acne Studios classic wash in slim fit and Belstaff’sBlackrod for his bike journeys. And vintage denim from Ralph Lauren is almost a daily wear for him.


If you start following the fashion sense of Beckham, you might also be able to get a classy and sophisticated look, just like him.


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