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This actress is a mother of 6 and a hard working a person, but still Angelina Jolie knows how to dress. She always presents herself in a tasteful and elegant way, from trench coats to classic dresses, and oversized glasses. Just like her husband, Brad Pitt, she is also classy and elegant. There are some rumors that sometimes Brad also pitches in to decide what she wears to red carpet events. Jolie writes her own fashion rules, and for that, everyone gives her a thumbs up.

Jolie has appeared in the “Most Beautiful” lists time and time again. If you ever take time to examine her, you will realize that her beauty does not lie only in her steller set of genes, but mostly in her sophisticated sense of style. If you want to copy the style of Jolie, then there are 4 major fashion tricks to steal from her.

One of them is the most simple and basic, keep it neutral. Most the time, she’s wearing black, white, camel, tan or grey. She rarely strays from her uniform of simplicity and neutrality. The advantages of this are that a wardrobe full of neutral pieces enable you to mix and match anything and everything in your closet and still make you look promising and sophisticated under any circumstances.

Another trick to ponder over is that you have to make sure that it fits like a glove. To fit like a glove does not mean that it has to fit tightly. Angelina Jolie understands this concept really well. You have to look cozy and comfortable in your dress, while at the same time it should not be loose or baggy and the top and bottom should be balanced with each other. Like she wears skinny trousers and blousy top to create balance, trousers that are tailored to perfection and paired with a fitted silk blouse, it seems like it was created to fit her and her alone.

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Another trick is that you should not be afraid to embrace your masculine side. It means that you should not be afraid to wear tuxedos and suits. They look a lot more attractive than the mainstream female clothes. And last but not the least, it’s about jewellery. Yes, you might be wondering that she never wears a lot of jewels. That is true. Less can be really more. She never wears tons of jewellery.  At most, she wears one most spectacular piece while on the red carpet.

So if you are looking to follow a classy and elegant fashion, Angelina Jolie is the best path to follow.


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